The Brno weaponry design school that has been continually developing since 1918, the time of establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, is renown mainly for its military, sporting and hunting weapons of the company Zbrojovka-Brno, and later of Ceská zbrojovka Uherský Brod.

Prototypa Brno, gradually become a term of reference in development of a whole range of weapons used in the Czechoslovak armed forces ("Scorpion" type 58 sub-machine gun, machine gun type 59, Kobylka and others). A new site was built on the Hudcova street in Brno-Medlánky between 1976 and 1980, where a unique testing station with five modern and fully equipped tunnels was established for testing of weapons and ammunition for calibers of up to 37 mm. Prototypa has five testing tunnels, the longest one enables shooting over the distance of 100 m. They are all equipped with devices for testing of guns and ammunition under arduous conditions in accordance with civil and military standards and regulations.

Prototypa is a monopolistic supplier of ballistic measuring devices in the Czech Republic. It develops, manufactures, supplies and tests instruments for calibers of up to 35 mm. Measuring instruments for testing of calibers for hunting, sporting, pistol and revolver type weapons are manufactured in accordance with the C. I. P. international standards. Ballistic measuring devices for testing of military caliber ammunition are manufactured and tested to appropriate military standards (TP-VD, TPF, STANAG, MIL etc.).

The Company's portfolio also includes development and manufacture of aerial rockets/missiles, rocket engines and booster systems for unguided aerial vehicles. Prototypa has developed e.g.: booster device START-145, rocket engines RMM1-145 and VRM ZÁCHRANA-145 for pilotless spy aerial vehicle SOJKA-III/TV and its modifications.